Like exploring the outdoors but prefer to sleep somewhere a bit more luxurious than on the ground? A camper trailer is a perfect balance between the comforts of home and sleeping in the great outdoors.

There are so many reasons you might be considering buying a camper trailer.

You may be the new-to-camping type and love the outdoors, but not the roughing it part. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve been roughing it for years and now want some comfort in the great outdoors. Others may be downsizing from a larger 3-tonne caravan, back to a more manageable and flexible outdoor option.

Whatever your reasons, buying a camper trailer is not as difficult as it seems.

Now what suits your style better?

Soft floor camper trailers

Soft floor camper trailers fold out similarly to a large cabin tent. They tend to be lighter, offer more internal storage and usually provide more living space than a hard floor variant. However, they take far longer to set up, the inside is harder to clean, and they typically come with less internal amenities.

Soft floor camper trailers are better suited to larger groups of people who have the time and physical capabilities to set up and pack down their trailer frequently.

Hard floor camper trailers

A hard floor camper trailer operates similarly to a pop top caravan, where the roof raises up and front and rear sections expand out to create a suitable living space. This type of camper trailer is generally very quick and simple to set up depending on the company’s innovative thinking – often only taking a few minutes to be set up, handles inclement weather better due to being more structurally sound and generally features better internal amenities as standard.

However, hard floor camper trailers can be far heavier, typically feature less internal storage and have a smaller sleeping capacity.

This type of camper trailer is often used by couples or small families who want a few more features and a fast setup time without having to physically exert themselves.

Setting Your Budget

First things first, you need to decide on your budget. Many would think that most camper trailers on the market are similar in price, but that is far from the mark. At the end of the day you will get what you pay for ……but we all have a budget in mind and whatever you have available to spend, I am sure that you will find your own piece of camping heaven.

So, what should we expect to get for our money?

Often the price is reflective of the features, amenities, and most importantly the quality and style of camper trailer you can buy. For example, a larger hard floor camper trailer fully kitted out will likely be more expensive than a basic soft floor model that has fewer features.

But ask your self – Am I looking for a quality camper that will last me years and have me camping in comfort and style, or am I just looking at the price and happy to just buy what’s going to do the job sort term.

Towing Limitations

After deciding on your budget, it’s best to grab your tow vehicle’s service manual and find the vehicle’s tow capacity. That weight will determine what camper trailers you can or cannot safely tow. Larger vehicles, such as 4WDs will typically be able to tow a heavier trailer, while you may find your options limited if your tow vehicle is a family sedan.

Always make sure you are checking the camper trailer’s weight against your tow vehicle’s towing capacity, as the last thing you want is to waste money buying a camper trailer that you can’t safely tow.

Tare weight: Weight of the trailer empty.  GVM: What the camper can carry all up.

So the difference in between theirs figures is what you can load into that camper trailer.