Camper Trailer storage Tips – How to gain more storage

What is the biggest challenge of staying or travelling in a camper trailer? The very limited space! It is very tempting to load everything you have in that much space when you are going on a long vacation. But, trust us when we say you will end up not using more than half of those things you cluttered in.

If you are travelling for more than just an overnight stay, you will need to work out ways such that it maximizes your space and minimizes your junk.

Here are some of our tips you can implicate before you go on your next trip.

Always invest in collapsible products. Here, you can store laundry hampers, clothes, cooking utensils etc. For further organization, you can use tubs and trays to keep things sorted and in place.

Buying a bunch of hooks works as well. Hanging things like cooking utensils and keys will not only save up space but can also be located with ease.

A hanging shoe rack comes under the category of simple-yet-effective. The shoe rack is useful for storing supplies like toiletries and cleaning materials; it also provides great accessibility. You can also use hanging baskets to store vegetables and fruits while staying at your new-found camping spot.

Always use your imagination. No matter how packed your trailer is, there is always a certain amount of space just begging you to fill it up with essential items like the roof of your camper trailer or the underside of your table or seating.

If you paid attention to the above tips, you can pack as many things you want to enjoy your road trip!

But remember to ask yourself, will use it and do I really need to take that.