Below, we have given a descriptive our camper trailer comparison of the Darling (Compact Trailer), Macquarie (Award Winner), and Lachlan (Family Trailer).

On a more common factor grounds, all three trailers are completed with Australian Made Canvas Dynaproof Tent, with a sleeping capacity of four or more on a 12cm Australian innerspring size queen bed. All three are also fitted with a table that converts into a bed. They are fitted with heavy duty hot dipped galvanized chassis, full off-road suspension, instant hot water system, portable toilet, Domestic 3-Burner gas, Canvas Safari Roof, Alloy Poles, huge storage compartments with sensor lights, dual battery systems, solar power and have a 160-litre water capacity with the mains water inlet connection.

Some of the differences are as follows:

  1. Only the Lachlan is fitted with a world-class Slide-out bed.
  2. The Darling does not have inside drawers and stereo system with speakers.
  3. The annex on a darling is smaller in length, whereas the Macquarie and Lachlan are larger
  4. Similarly, the Darling has smaller pantry drawer, while the others have signifyingly larger draws.
  5. The Darling has a smaller body height, where the Macquarie and Lachlan have a taller body height to create larger storage compartments and cater for larger items.
  6. The Darling and Macquarie each have two LED Strip Switch lights each; the Lachlan has three.
  7. The Darling weighs about 1400kgs, the Macquarie weighs about 1500kgs, and the Lachlan weighs about 1600kgs.
  8. The darling is rated to 1990kg GVM, the Macquarie and Lachlan to 2400kg GVM
  9. The Darling is fitted with a 12” Electric-Axletec braking system while the other two have 12” Electric-Dextor braking systems.
  10. You have the option of fixing a Solar Panel 160W/200W/250W with Anderson Plugs. This panel already comes attached to the Dawson and is upgradable for the Darling, Macqurie and Lachlan.
  11. The Darling has light switches, where the Macquarie and Lachlan have LED touch panel controls
  12. The darling has twin 5ltr p/m water pumps and silicon hoses, where the Macquarie and Lachlan has one seaflo 11ltr p/m water pump and john guest water hoses.
  13. The Macquarie and Lachlan have an enclosed front storage box for gas bottle’s and Gerry cans, where the Darling has an open storage facility for theirs items.
  14. The Macquarie and Lachlan have a top rail system for cargo or kayaks, where the Darling doesn’t
  15. The Macquarie and Lachlan have a snake track water and power delivery system in the kitchen, where the Darling doesn’t
  16. The Macquarie and Lachlan have a flip over bench on the back side of the kitchen, where the darling doesn’t get this attachment
  17. The Darling has a shelf in the front box for pole storage, where the Macquarie and Lachlan has a rear mounted pole storage box with a divider shelf.
  18. The Dawson, Lachlan and Macquarie come with a front Gas point.

Darling – Compact Forward Fold Camper Trailer

Darling Camper

Macquarie –  Premium Forward Fold Camper Trailer
Murray Camper Trailer
Lachlan –  Family Forward Fold Camper Trailer
Lauchlan Camper Trailer