You can virtually travel on any type of road with the correct suspension. But it is entirely a different story if you have a poor quality suspension and chassis. The flipside is slower travel while stressing on every road crevices, etc.

Some benefits of having a good suspension and shock absorbing system are safer towing control, better braking at difficult corners and wet conditions, safer and higher travel speed, etc.

The difference between 4WDs and caravan/trailers/camper trailers are that the former move around four sprung wheels whereas the latter is fixed to a bouncing vehicle with a large amount of mass over an axle to the rear. The force on the camper trailer suspension can be thrice more harsh in some circumstances compared to most daily-use vehicles.

The chassis on our models of camper trailers use high MPA steel, laser cut locking tangs and a flexible frame design, the chassis is galvanized and coated over the top for longevity, with five years of transferable warranty.
If your ride quality (amount of suspension on road, without compromising on vehicle control) is high, it means the suspension has minimized the vibrations and road forces. By keeping these two factors to a minimum, the results are less discomfort and lower maintenance cost. However, the last hidden quality is that if you have a better ‘ride quality’, it means you can travel on the same road with greater speeds and more safety.

Overall, the camper trailer suspension and shock absorbers have to be strong, yet light and agile. This requires some highly skilled engineering skills and is easily visible during inspection.

Bluewater Campers uses the latest technology and engineering tools to create the best camper trailer shock absorbers and camper trailer suspensions. Our engineers, with decades of experience in trailer, trucks, mining vehicles and other heavy-duty off-road applications, are dedicated to this cause.

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