In the past, people used to camp by setting up tents and lighting a fire, with stories told from the days of the past. Today, we have upgraded a long way from that point of time. We now have camper trailers that many families purchase to enjoy outdoors. Now, buying such a vehicle can burn quite a hole in your pocket. Hence, we will look at some first time buyer guides & canvas advice for people who are looking forward to purchasing their ‘home away from home’.

Camper Trailer Guides

When purchasing a brand-new camper trailer, visit different license holders and dealers; check out the different models they have to offer. Take your time on deciding and look at several various types before settling for one.
Make a list of what your facilities you need from the trailer.

Check for every major thing that a trailer works on – water supply, power, brakes, suspensions, tyres, bathroom, interiors, etc. Make sure everything is top-notched and ready to roll.

Below, we also have some camper trailer guides for the maintenance of your tent canvas:

General wear and tear, insects, and wild weather are just some of the things that contribute to the toll on the camper trailer canvas tent.

Keeping your tent neat and clean is one the best ways to ensure your camping tent canvas goes a long way. Try to spray water with a water hose on the canvas regularly to keep it odour free. Similarly, try to keep the canvas free from accumulation of bird droppings, tree sap, and other foul debris.

To avoid damage, do not use cleaning agents like detergents, soaps, etc. Instead, you can go for a clean cloth and lukewarm water combination.

If the inside of the tent canvas gets wet, dry it out as soon as possible; the wet areas can attract mould spores, often resulting in the degradation of the canvas and possible cases of allergies. Remember not to use any type of chemicals or bleach as it may damage the waterproofing and colour of your tent.

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