Bluewater Campers is part of the Eagle Outdoors Group, an Australian owned and operated Lifestyle Product engineering and Manufacturing company. Established in 1975 as a textile engineering and manufacturing business, the Eagle Outdoors Group has evolved into a research, design, and innovation driven business with over 40 years’ experience innovating premium and luxury camper trailers, rooftop tents, canvas products and camping equipment.


Bluewater Value

The aim at Bluewater Campers is to produce a quality camper trailer at affordable prices that allows everyone to be able to get in a camper trailer and Discover Australia. Bluewater Campers prides itself on not only the quality of their camper trailers but also the safety and reliability.

Australia is a beautiful country, and we are very fortunate with all it offers. Everyone needs to be given the opportunity to relax and refresh in the great outdoors and experience some of our country’s amazing wonders. Owning a Bluewater camper trailer not only makes that possible, but also makes it very enjoyable.

We are confident that we offer more features, options and upgrades in our camper trailer packages than other camper trailer manufacturers, meaning that you get the best value for money and a camper trailer package that suits your needs. Some may say our campers look the same as others they have seen, but as the saying goes “Don’t judge a book by the cover”!  Take a more detailed look and you will see the difference.

All Bluewater Camper Trailers are designed by Bluewater, engineer certified and comply with Australian Design Standard VSB1 and Australian Design Rule 62. We don’t cut corners; our camper trailers are built to last in the harsh Australian conditions!


Bluewater Service

Bluewater Camper Trailers takes pride in offering a service second to none in the industry. We understand just how important customer service is to the camper trailer buying process. We offer continued customer support from enquiry to well after handover.

Bluewater Campers operates nationally with multiple locations around Australia and an extensive authorised repairer network, this ensures that no matter where you are we have you covered. You can also be sure that we have only handpicked locations in our network that understand the product. One of our friendly staff is only a phone call or email away to answer all your questions.

Our team are ready to walk you through all the features and benefits of our trailers and to determine the best options for your next camper trailer. We can then build and deliver your camper trailer to you anywhere in Australia. Why not chat to our team today to start organizing your next camper trailer adventure?


Bluewater Innovation

Bluewater Campers has continued to drive industry trends and innovation. Some innovative industry first development from Bluewater Campers has included;

  • Set Height Hoops
  • Snake Track – kitchen and fridge slide utilities delivery system
  • Non- spreader pole winch tent system
  • Eagle Wing’ awning design – a rigid, self-tensioning awning system, that provides 30% more weather coverage.
    • 360-degree awning system – with increased weather coverage
    • Fast & easy one person set up
    • Free standing/self-supporting to increase total usable space –
    • No more than 2 poles each wing – this results in overall reduction in transportable weight
    • No rope/peg system

There are several other innovations that make Bluewater Camper Trailers stand out from the rest, these include;

  • Canvas (Wax Convertors) – Australian Made
  • Quality of Canva
  • Set Height Hoops
  • Internal Tent height (heaps of room)
  • Big Window openings – size unrivalled
  • Design of tent – internally researched, designed and developed
  • Longevity
  • Superior Design
  • Quality Zips
  • Aussie Suspension
  • Aussie Brakes
  • Aussie Designed features
  • Locally sourced gas and electric
  • Japanese wheel bearings
  • Aussie Support Legs
  • Aussie Jockey Wheel
  • Warranty
  • Quality Build and Components
  • Attention to detail
  • Quick and Easy use
  • Kitchen Snake Track
  • Projecta DCDC
  • Hot water to Kitchen
  • Mains water with pressure regulator
  • Enclosed front box
  • Aussie innerspring mattress
  • Internal lighting pockets

Bluewater Tents

The canvas used in the Bluewater Camper tents is tried and tested Australian made rip-stop canvas. There has been an oversaturation of cheaper canvas tents flood the market over the years, however, Bluewater has ensured that the tents on their camper trailer range are not only designed perfectly but are always of the highest quality canvas.

Many cheaper canvas tents are entering the market claiming to be 14oz rip-stop material when in fact, when samples were tested by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization), these samples were shown to be 11oz. Similar testing also proved that these cheaper materials were also very susceptible to water leakage.

Determination of resistance of fabrics to water penetration-hydrostatic pressure test saw that the two samples came back as: Red Polyester/Cotton RIPSTOP – average 4.1 kPa and Grey Polyester/Cotton Plain Weave – average 12.1 kPa

The single most important investment in our camper trailer is the tent. After-all, the tent is what protects you from the elements and provides a comfortable and rewarding camping experience. At Bluewater Campers we understand that a tent is more than just quality canvas and stitching. It is about the overall tent design, engineering, and style, which is what sets us apart from the rest – The tents are better at Bluewater.


Bluewater Components

With the decades of experience within the industry Bluewater Campers has conducted very thorough tests to ensure only the best components form part of a Bluewater Camper Trailer. Each partnership continues to evolve as new technology and components become available on the market and Bluewater works closely with each supplier to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability of all components.

The most integral part of our supplier selection process is that they have three key things, these include: the component and/or fitting is of high quality, the company offers superior service and the component and/or fitting is available Australia wide.

The last point is very important to us – because you don’t buy a camper trailer to stay at home! So, no matter where in Australia you can trust Bluewater Campers has your covered. This is evident in the extensive warranties we have on our components and fittings.