• Why choose Bluewater Campers?

    The Eagle Outdoors Group is the parent company of Bluewater Campers. Beginning in Victoria in 1975, Eagle Outdoors has now grown into an international business with quality canvas and outdoor products sold all over the world. With over 150 people employed, with a collective experience of over 50 years, we produce the best materials for all outdoor activities, specifically camping.
    The significant differences between Bluewater Camper Trailers and fully Chinese imported models are we are not just a reseller. We do extensive design, research and development, and source a range of Australian components to make sure our camper trailers have the quality and reliability to withstand Australian conditions.



  • How long have you been manufacturing Camper Trailers?

    The Eagle Outdoors Group, which owns Bluewater Campers, has collectively over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing camper trailers.



  • Where are Bluewater Camper Trailers manufactured/made?

    We import the chassis and tub, fit out the camper trailer with Australian components such as Australian made canvas tent, Australian sourced suspension, and kitchen


  • What sort of Camper Trailers do you offer?

    Bluewater Campers specialises in forward fold and Hybrid camper trailers.


  • Where can I find Bluewater Campers?

    We have outlets in Moruya, New South Wales, Pakenham, Victoria, Maddington, Western Australia, and several agents around the country.



  • What are your office & showroom hours?

    Our location hours can differ. But generally, our showrooms are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturdays. We also offer Sunday by appointment. (Excluding Public Holidays)


  • What are your other brands?

    Below are the subsidiaries under the umbrella of Eagle Outdoors Group.
    Didgeridoonas, Ultimate Campers, CoverIt Manufacturing.



  • Why choose a Camper Trailer?

    A camper trailer is the middle ground between a tent and caravan. Camper trailers offer their owners a solution that is easy to load, tow, set up and store. All Bluewater Camper Trailers have a built-in pull-out kitchen and power, making your next adventure hassle free.


  • What is a Forward Fold Camper Trailer?

    A Forward Fold Camper Trailer is a fully self-sufficient camper with a canvas roof.



  • What is a Hybrid Camper Trailer?

    A Hybrid Camper Trailer is a fully self-sufficient camper with a hard top like a caravan.



  • Can I match the hubs of the camper to my vehicle?

    Yes, but this is dependent on the model of your vehicle. Contact us to chat about the options.


  • Will my car be able to tow the camper trailer?

    The weight of each of our Camper Trailers can be found under technical specifications on the model page, using that information you will need to determine your vehicles towing capacity. If it is more than the weight of the camper trailer you won’t have a problem.
    If you are still unsure check with our team!


  • Can set up and pack down be performed by one person?

    We are continually innovating ways to make getting out and camping easier, this has included some features that make setting up and packing down your camper trailer easier, sometimes this can be performed by one person depending on capabilities and strength.


  • Is the canvas weatherproof and how do I care for my canvas?

    We use only the best quality canvas, which keeps you dry and safe from the sun. If you are ensuring your canvas is dry before packing away and cleaning debris and other dirt from it before storing the canvas should last a long time.
    For more information on how to care for your canvas we have written this article.


  • Can I hire or rent a Bluewater Camper Trailer?

    Unfortunately, at this stage we do not have any of our camper trailer’s available to hire or rent.


  • Can you organise shipping/delivery to my door?

    Yes, we can, we would prefer to give you a detailed handover though at one of our showrooms.


  • Can I organise my own courier for pickup?

    Yes. Discuss this with the team at the time of order.


  • How long does a handover take?

    This can vary depending on questions, added accessories/features. But we aim to give each handover 30-60 minutes, plus time for questions.


  • Can you register the camper trailer in any state?

    Yes, we can register camper trailers in all states of Australia.


  • Can I take the camper trailer for a tow test?

    Stock permitting our team would be happy to arrange a tow test for you, just discuss this with the team at the time of enquiry.


  • How soon could I be driving away with my new camper trailer?

    Wait times very for each model, it is best to get in touch with our team for the current stock availability and wait times.



  • Are there any hidden costs or is the price given a driveaway price?

    We have no hidden costs, our online quoting system includes driveaway costs. Additional costs will only be when options, upgrades and extras are chosen. Use our online quote system to get an accurate price.


  • What are your finance options?

    We work with Credit One, and a handful of other finance providers, who can offer you competitive loans.



  • What is your minimum deposit?

    We ask for a $500 signing deposit at the time of order.


  • Can I pay on the day of pick up?

    You can pay the remining balance on day of pickup, but you will be required to follow our payment schedule prior to pick up.


  • Can I pay in installments?

    We have a payment schedule across the build of your camper trailer that allows you to pay percentages of the total across the build.
    For alternatives, discuss with the Bluewater team.


  • Will you honour a show special if I contact you after the show?

    Our show specials can be available for a time after a show, but to secure the show special we encourage you to discuss with the team at the show.



  • What are your standard inclusions?

    You can view our standard inclusions per model on the respective model pages.


  • Are Bluewater Camper Trailers designed for on or off-road use?

    Our camper trailers are designed for both on and off-road use and are more than capable to tackle terrains from the Simpson desert to Cape York.


  • What is the weight of the Bluewater Camper Trailers?

    The weight of our camper trailers varies. View each models technical specifications on their resepective model pages.


  • Can I change features on the camper trailer?

    The shape and storage configuration of our camper trailers are standard, however, there is the opportunity to add accessories and features such as hot water, solar, LED lighting etc. to your camper trailer.

    *Note some of our hybrid models come with optional layout configuration changes so please ask our team about these.


  • Does the camper trailer come with annex floor and walls?

    This is dependent on which model you choose and whether the annex kit is included – check with your Bluewater sales team at the time of order.


  • What is the chassis made from?

    Our chassis are steel and vary in size dependent on the model. They are also hot dip galvanised.


  • How many storage areas do the camper trailers have?

    This is dependent on the model chosen – check out our interactive floorplans on each model page for more idea.


  • Does the camper trailer have a hot water system?

    This is dependent on the model chosen. A hot water system is available as an optional upgrade for those it does not come standard on.


  • Does the camper trailer have bathroom facilities?

    Some of our hybrid range come with internal shower and toilet. Our forward fold range either comes standard or has as an optional extra outdoor double ensuite with hot water shower and portable toilet.


  • What bedding options are there for the camper trailer and are there upgrade available?

    We have a standard mattress in all our camper trailers with the option to upgrade to a premium pocket spring.


  • Does the camper trailer include kitchen facilities?

    All our camper trailers and hybrids include external side or pull-out kitchens, a fridge slide and some sort of pantry storage.


  • What battery/batteries are included in the camper trailer?

    This is dependent on model. In most models we include two AGM batteries as standard, with the option to upgrade to Lithium.


  • Is there a stone guard on the camper trailer?

    All our forward fold and hybrid camper trailers include a stone guard. Each model may vary in what material the stone guard is constructed of.


  • Is an Anderson plug connection standard on the camper trailer?

    We include a connection at the front for your car to charge through the included DCDC charger as well as a solar input on all our campers.


  • What electrics are included in the camper trailer as standard?

    You can view our standard electrics inclusions per model on the respective model pages.


  • What hitch is standard with the camper trailer and will I need a special towing block?

    We use Cruisemaster D035 hitches on most of our camper trailers. Check the model inclusions or ask our team at the time of order.



  • What is the warranty on a Bluewater Camper Trailer?

    All the Bluewater Camper Trailers come with a 5-year canvas warranty, 5-year structural warranty, 5-year coil spring warranty, 3 year or 60,000km shock absorber warranty and 12 months on all other components.

    *Note - this may vary on each model.



  • What is your refund policy?

    Our refund policy is outlined in our sale contract. If you have not received one please ask for a copy of our terms and conditions from the team.


  • What after sales support do you offer?

    We offer a range of resources at the time of handover, on this website and our sales team is available for questions.


  • How easy is it to purchase spare parts?

    Our Bluewater Shop has a wide range of spare parts and accessories available for purchase. Should what you are looking for not be listed our service department can help.


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