Canvas Care

We have put together a number of tips and tricks for caring for your Bluewater Camper Trailer canvas. We have also covered what you should do in the event that your canvas has persistent mold or mildew. Whether you have an older model Bluewater Camper or have just purchased one we encourage you to follow the below to ensure the longevity of the canvas and to avoid the breakdown of the waterproofing/water repellency.

  • Keep fabric clean by brushing dry fabric regularly with a soft brush/broom. Hose occasionally with cold water, but do not combine the actions of brushing and hosing as this may abrade coating and impact a scuffed appearance to the fabric once dry.
  • Do not apply soaps, detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides.
  • Keep petrol, solvents, kerosene and other similar fluids away from the fabric.
  • Do not allow bird droppings, earth, sand or vegetable matter to remain in contact with the fabric.
  • Ensure that the canvas is thoroughly dry before putting away.
  • Should mildew spots appear, brush them off before they become attached.
  • Persistent mold or mildew growth should be treated with White King solution, strictly in accordance with the instructions outlined below.

To ensure the water repellency is fully retained after the canvas has endured continuous outdoor exposure or been cleaned extensively, the canvas should be reproofed with a water repellent compounds. Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics’ water based BrellaProof and BrellaGuard reproofing compounds are recommended for this purpose. Application of BradProof will impart water proofing and fungal resistance whilst application of BrellaGuard  will impart water and oil repellency.

Please note: BrellaGuard  dries clear and application will therefore not change shade. BradProof  however dries to a slightly milky colour and application may affect fabric appearance.

Use of White King  as mildew remover:

White King is a bleaching and cleansing agent which is effective in removing mildew growth on canvas and killing mildew spores.


  • Read the safety direction on the White King label and follow these directions carefully. Wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with skin and eyes


  • Read all directions thoroughly before commencing.
  • The treatment is best performed outdoors and best results, together with easier application, are achieved when the canvas is in a taut position – tents, annexes, etc. should be fully erected; where this is not possible, spread on a clean surface.
  • Remove dust and dirt by lightly brushing. Heavy soiling should be washed off with clear warm water – do not use soap, detergents or other cleaning agents.


  • White King should be diluted with water, 1 part of White King to 3 parts of water. It should not be mixed with other chemicals or cleaners.
  • Apply this solution evenly to the outside at a rate that will penetrate the fabric, working the solution into the canvas with a soft brush or broom.
  • Hose off the solution thoroughly after 15 minutes, continuing to hose down after run off is clear.
  • If mildew is not completely removed, allow canvas to dry, and then repeat the application.
  • Do not allow the solution to remain on the canvas for more than 20 minutes without thoroughly rinsing or damage may occur.
  • White King solution is not a reproofing agent, but acts as a pre-treatment to remove mildew and spores. After completely drying, the canvas is pre-treated and ready for an application of Bradmill BrellaGuard or BradProof reproofing compounds.

Working Qualities:

  • Properly applied, White King solution will remove mildew and kill spores.
  • Care must be taken that the solution does not come in contact with anything other than the canvas being treated. Any splashes or spills should be thoroughly washed off immediately with water.
  • The solution will yellow lawns; however this will grow out.
  • White King solution will remove mildew, but not remove stains. It is designed as a pre-treatment to Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics’ reproofing compounds, which should not be applied until fabric is completely dry.

Clean Up:

  • Wash applicators with clean water.
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