Looking for a great camper trailer? We design and manufacture premium quality, great value off road camper trailers for Australian conditions

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Blue Water Camper Trailers is dedicated to producing a high standard off road camper trailer.  Our campers use quality Australian components and we offer exceptional customer service. Explore our range of off road camper trailer models. All our camper trailers tents are designed in-house and manufactured from Australian canvas to meet the demands needed to withstand and outlive the rigorous roads Australia has to offer.

We're a family owned and operated venture with Bluewater Camper Trailer outlets in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Why not give Blue Water Camper Trailers a visit, for a live tour of our off road camper trailer models.

5 Year Chassis Structural Warranty
5 Year Canvas Manufacturer Warranty
Dexter Warranty - 12 Months Off Road
Seaflo Pumps 3 Year Warranty
5 Years Lovells Springs Warranty
Ridepro 3 Year/60,000km Warranty
Premium YKK Zippers Fitted

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4 days ago

Bluewater Campers

Our colleagues at Didgeridoonas have created a Father's Day sale based on 7 types of Dads! We thought you'd enjoy this too, so read below to find out which dad suits yours most and tag him in the comments!! 😁👌The 7 Dads of Father's Day - by Didgeridoonas
What type of Father is your Dad? Read below and tag him in your comments! 😜

👊 THE TOUGH NUGGET: 6 Pack Cooler Bag 10% off
- Crispy on the outside, but soft and warm inside
- Has a sweet tooth but will fight anyone for their steak
- It's t-shirt weather all year round
- Will give anything a crack

🔥 THE TOASTED MARSHMALLOW: The Rawson - Woolen Pocket Vest 10% off
- Loves a heated argument about sport
- Always a spectator, not a participator
- Cries in children's movies
- Borderline workaholic

🛠️ THE HARD KNOCK ROCK: The Tradie's Lunch Box 10% off
- Gives the biggest hugs
- Always has the answer
- Can fix anything with tools
- The Vin Diesel of the family

🤓 THE DAGGY DAD: The Laptop Carrier 10% off
- Terrible fashion sense
- Needs a kick under the table from mum
- Super awkward, thinks he's funny in social settings
- Always found behind a screen

💪 THE GYM JUNKIE: The Didgeridoonas Wallet 10% off
- High school jock trying to get rid of his Dad-bod.
- Tries a new diet every week
- Enforces a tight-ass budget
- Loves to stir the pot

🥔 THE COUCH POTATO: The Swag Cabin Bag 10% off
- Try-hard "cool Dad"
- Loves T.V., enforces the "Dad chair" rule
- Over-protective about everything
- Has a lot of unfinished projects

🕺 THE NOT-A-DAD DAD: The Australian Picnic Blanket 10% off
- Uncle, Grandpa, Brother or Wannabe-Dad
- Aspiring role model
- Loves attention and always has an opinion
- Spends too much on presents

Each Dad type is paired with a product at 10% off (online only, limited time) using the coupon code: DAD10

Which one best fits your dad?
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1 week ago

Bluewater Campers

Short video of the storage inside the new Dawson ... See MoreSee Less

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