How to pack-up your camper trailer correctly

A camping trip with a trailer allows you to bring some of the homely comforts to your camping destination and to enjoy that night, weekend or weeks away in comfort. However, when the dreaded time to return to reality comes around you need to ensure you are packing up your trailer correctly to avoid damage to the trailer, tent and your other belongings. Below we have listed a number of steps to consider and follow (where possible) when packing up your camper trailer.

  • Ensure the tent and annex Canvas is dry, and free from leaves or other flora. Packing up the tent whilst it is wet can cause mold to form. If there is no choice but to pack it up wet, make sure the canvas can be opened up and dried as soon as possible, failure to do so will cause mildew or mold to start.
  • Zip close all windows on the annex and main tent, this will make it easier to fold up the annex pieces and pack away.
  • Lower the annex wall poles to eye level, making it easier to disassemble.
  • Remove the pegs from the annex wall floor section and ropes if you have them attached. Unzip one wall at a time, folding each canvas section neatly. DO NOT pull on the canvas in an attempt to unzip it, as this can cause damage to the zipper teeth. There should now be 3 neatly folded canvas sections.
  • Remove the roof spreader bars if they have been installed.
  • To disassemble the annex pole frame, start at one corner and work your way along the wall, one pole at a time. Simply lift the eyelet end roof pole 3a off the spigot, and gently lower to the ground whilst still holding pole 5a upright with your other hand. Pole 3a will still be connected to the main tent at the other end. Lift off pole 4a from the spigot, freeing the vertical pole 5a, which you can then lower and lay flat on the ground.
  • Follow this procedure one pole at a time, being careful not to let the structure move one way or the other. Failure to do so can cause the spigot on the top of pole 5a to bend, or even pull out if severe stress is caused to the pole.
  • Once all 4 of pole 5a have been removed and laid flat on the ground, you will be left with the 4 x roof poles 3a still attached to the main tent frame on the Stainless steel loops in the corner of the main tent. Simply un hook them and lay on the ground ready for storage in the Pole box
  • If leaving the annex roof attached, you can fold the roof over the top of the main tent roof. Make sure it is flat, and no creases are formed.
  • If you are packing the annex away fully, you can now remove the canvas annex roof, gently unzip from the left corner and move all the way along to the other side. DO NOT pull on the canvas in an attempt to unzip it that way, this can cause damage to the zipper teeth. Once removed fold the canvas roof up and store.
  • Now for the main tent. Close all the windows, and lower the outside canvas window flaps. Remove any ropes that you may have attached to the outside of the tent. Sweep out all dirt from the floor. If the privacy screen has been zipped up, there is no need to lower it.
  • Remove any spreader bars that may have been erected in between the roof poles.
  • Your bedding can be left in position, as there is plenty of room in the bed cavity to allow your bedding to stay in there all the time. Use the retaining straps in each side of the mattress, clip together over the mattress and bedding, to hold in position.
  • Lower the table fully, and place the seat cushions on the slide out bed section, neatly and level. Do not stack them up high as this will make it hard to close the lid.
  • From inside or outside the camper, pull down each end wall pole set, lowering all the way to the bed.
  • Make sure not canvas is gathered underneath the poles, as this will make it hard to close the lid. Exit the camper and use the small webbing straps at each end to hold down the end pole sets.
  • Disassemble the entry step and fold away, use your key to lock securely.
  • Un zip each side of the slide out bed section, and fold the lower section of canvas inwards so it cannot catch on the rollers.
  • Lift up the locking bolts on each side and turn 90 degrees, to secure in the up position. As you slide the bed in these locks will turn back to the down position, ready to lock automatically in place next time you open the slide.
  • Remove the support legs under the slide out bed, and use the split pins to lock away the legs into the stored position.
  • Gently push the slide in until all the way closed. Use the key to close all 4 compression locks
  • The 3rd Alloy pole set inside the camper needs to fold back towards the rear of the slide out bed, make sure it sits flat and not impeded by canvas or cushions.
  • If using the rear winch to close the lid, you will need to unwind the winch and attach to the hook under the bed head. Move around to the rear of the trailer and start winding the winch, lifting the floor up slowly. Just before the floor is standing vertical, and the weight is still being held by the winch strap, move around the camper and push in the sides of the canvas toward the middle making sure its flat and neat.
  • Continue to wind the winch further until almost closed. Then push the final edges of canvas in, before closing the lid completely. Secure all 6 latches.
  • Lift up the rear tailgate section and use the split pins to lock into position.

Overall, give yourself some extra time to pack your belongings.

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