What is Grey Water?

As we enter a more environmentally conscious time there are many things we can be doing to reducing our footprint when camping.
One of those things is in the collection and disposal of Grey Water. Grey water is defined as the wastewater from washing machines, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and showers.
This is different from black water which is the water used to flush your waste away in toilets.

Best Season for Camping in Australia

Autumn has all the colours of the rainbow on show, particularly highlighting the iconic burnt oranges and fiery reds of the Australian outdoors. Prepare to see perfect sunsets and magnificent exhibits of golden horizons in one of the most magical times of year.

20 Camping Tips to Always Remember

The right equipment and careful planning will help you and your fellow campers have a more enjoyable camping experience. Here are our top camping tips to get you started with your new Bluewater Camper.

20 Tips for Keeping the Kids Entertained on any Trip

When children find it hard to realize the wonderful benefits of being outdoors, it is often a challenge to keep them entertained! So, we’ve written up our ultimate list of fun camping activities for kids to help create a more memorable family adventure.

Camping with Dogs

Any time spent with your dog is time well spent, and camping is no different!

Taking your dog camping can seem overwhelming or more hassle than it’s worth, but with a few tips, tricks and products you will want to take your pooch each and every time.

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