Bluewater Campers regularly participates caravan, RV or camper trailer events and shows across all states showcase our newest range of camper trailers and all your camping accessory needs from many different manufactures and retailers.

Camping trailer events and shows are a great way to see all new trailer products from around the country come into one place, this gives you a good chance to match them all up together to find what you and your family require to hit the road and start your own traveling experiences.

Bluewater campers will be attending many events and shows throughout the year, so find the one nearest to you and come down to see what we have on display, or check out our camper trailer dealers near you.


4oct - 7oct 48:44 amoct 7Melbourne Leisurefest

12oct - 14oct 129:04 amoct 14Sunshine Coast Caravan Show

12oct - 14oct 129:06 amoct 14Sydney 4x4 & Adventure Show

21oct - 22oct 219:00 amoct 22Bunbury 4WD Boating and Camping Expo

25oct - 28oct 259:07 amoct 28Pre-Christmas Caravan Show


9nov - 11nov 99:00 amnov 11The Southern Highlands Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Show

9nov - 11nov 99:12 amnov 11Perth 4x4 show

24nov - 26nov 249:13 amnov 26Bendigo Leisurefest