Bluewater Campers Xtraveller

The Bluewater Campers Xtraveller Hybrid Camper Trailer – is award-winning and completed with all the quality finishes you expect from Bluewater Campers and much more!

Winning ‘Best Value for Money‘ and ‘Hybrid of the Year in the 2023 Camper Trailer of the Year awards, this hybrid camper will surely tick all the right boxes.

Whether for a single person, couple, or family, the Xtraveller has all the options and luxuries to Discover Australia.

The judges of Camper Trailer of the Year 2023 judged the Xtraveller on various categories. Which included – Fit for the intended purpose, Innovation, Self Sufficiency, Quality of Finish, Build Quality, Off-Road ability, Comfort, Ease of Use, Value for Money, and X-Factor.. 

Below are the Judges’ comments – 


For 16 years, Bluewater Campers have been importing campers and preparing them to meet the rigours of Australian conditions and Australians’ expectations. And it shows. Far from simply importing and reselling campers, Bluewater prides itself in fundamentally improving them with the inclusion of high-spec Australian componentry and the exercise of rigorous quality control. And this fact was evident when we spent time with the Xtraveller at this year’s Camper Trailer of the Year event.

The Bluewater Xtraveller Hybrid has its sights set on a couple or a young family who love spending time outdoors. That’s why most of the storage compartments are configured for outside access. But that’s not to say that the camper is deficient inside. Far from it. There are helpful drawers and bins for personal effects. The cabinetry and upholstery are pleasing and robust to the touch.

Meanwhile, the under-bed storage area is massive enough to accommodate around 45 jerry cans – without considering the 100 – litre capacity dedicated to the fridge! Then, there’s an additional 2000 litres (100 jerry cans) available throughout the rest of the camper. Readily accessible inside and out, this camper is versatile enough to pack whatever you like to travel with, regardless of whether it’s odd-shaped, bulky, or downright dirty.

The Bluewater Xtraveller Hybrid caters to humans who like getting away from other humans because there are plenty of amenities to enable self-sufficient travel. This includes either twin 8.5 or 4kg gas bottles, 200 – litre water capacity in dual tanks, and space for a 110 – litre fridge on the 150kg rated fridge slide. Supporting your power needs are 2x135ah BSL lithium batteries, 2×175-watt Victron solar panels, and a Redarc 2000w inverter, all of which hum along to the rhythm of the Redarc BMS with Redvision display. It’s fair to say that the list of quality Australian componentry on offer here is far longer than you’d have any right to expect at this price point.

This style of hybrid camper is not unique to Bluewater Campers, but the finished product certainly is. In the Xtraveller Hybrid, Bluewater has taken a solid imported product and added magic by partnering with trusted Aussie brands and applying Bluewater’s keen eye and engineering nous to maximise its usability and reliability. The Xtraveller Hybrid punches well above its weight in features, fittings, and feel. So much so that I reckon if I were in the market for a hybrid of this type, I’d look at its $41,990 price tag and start whistling a happy tune.



The Bluewater Xtraveller comes with an electronic roof lift which means you can be set up with the touch of a button. The Bambini queen-sized innerspring bed is always ready to go, and converting the lounge into bunk beds is also simple. 

The kitchen slides out quickly while the snake track handles the water lines, gas line, and power cables meaning there is nothing to connect. The Redarc RedVision screen added to the Manager 30 keeps your 12V management simple. Adding privacy for a shower or the porta potty is the externally mounted shower tent that uses gas struts to prevent it from folding up in windy weather. There are plenty of pockets to store your shampoo, soap, and toilet paper. Winding out the awning is the task that takes the longest. 

Coming in at $41,990 this is excellent value when comparing it against other campers in the same price bracket. With the REDARC Manager 30 looking after the 12V system, two 175Ah lithium batteries, a Truma 3 burner stove with electronic gas cut-off, a positive pressure system to keep out the dust, loads of storage, and comfort. With an A1 quality finish and build, you’d be lucky to find too many other hybrids with these specs. It does lack an air conditioner and heater, but that is something you can option if required. The Xtraveller is so close to being gasless, and I hope Bluewater looks into this shortly. 

Bluewater has turned this imported hybrid into a well-built, easy-to-use camper finished with high quality and packed full of REDARC gear while keeping the price low, which is impressive. The Xtraveller is so close to being gasless, with 270Ah of lithium power, 350W of Victron solar panels on the roof, and a 2000W inverter. These inclusions could handle an induction cooktop,. With a few tweaks, one more solar panel, a 3000W inverter, a diesel heater/hot water combo, and the Thetford 3 burner stove, Truma Ultra Rapid, and LPG gas bottles would be gone. I hope Bluewater looks into this soon, as it would be much better for our environment.



The balance of great appliances, fit-out, and price stands out for me. Having top-name appliances and descent suspension upgrades in the Xtraveller really impresses.

The Xtraveller uses industry leader REDARC and their excellent TVMS for battery charging and management. Up top is some decent solar (350W), and with the combined 270Ah of Lithium, you should see a few days to a week’s power which matches nicely with the 200L of fresh water.

I appreciate the ease of use with the Xtraveller. The electric roof lift takes the strain away, opening it up to a broader buyer group. The use of the Snake Track is sensational. No, fiddling with a gas bayonet or messy water lines, pull out the kitchen and get into it.

It’s a minor detail and not a costly extra, but adding a 12V travel oven is a detail I’d enjoy immensely. Like most campers, I like yo crack a cold one on arrival, but I’m also often late to camp, so having a traveling oven that can heat a few pies or a nice curry is a touch I really can get behind.

Towing the Xtraveller is something you do need to plan for. It is not a compact camper and is fully loaded. She’ll come in at 2400kg. I’d suggest a modern ute or full-size SUV as the tugger for the Xtraveller. You could get away with a slightly older Prado, but it will be at the limits of what I’d say is safe and capable.

It tows brilliantly and is well warranted for going the distance with a Cruisemaster DO35 hitch on the front of the 75x50x4mm chassis. Holding it off the ground is a set of independent coil sprung, trailing arms with two Ride Pro shocks per side. All in it felt great on our tow loop. It efficiently handled the bigger bumps and tracked true behind Bluewaters Y62 Patrol. Under complicated brake testing, it felt safe and secure thanks to a set of 12” drums that bit hard with the brake controller set aggressively but also progressively, if more subtle, with the controller.

Overall, I came away from the Xtraveller impressed that you could get that much camper for a schooner under $42k. As campers (and all things) have been increasing in price for the last couple of years, it’s great to see Bluewater hang onto one of its strengths.

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