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We're a family owned and operated venture with Bluewater Camper Trailer outlets in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

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5 Year Chassis Structural Warranty
5 Year Canvas Manufacturer Warranty
Dexter Warranty - 12 Months Off Road
Seaflo Pumps 3 Year Warranty
5 Years Lovells Springs Warranty
Ridepro 3 Year/60,000km Warranty
Premium YKK Zippers Fitted

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A little story I will share with you all!

A couple of customer of ours Mark and Dave bought matching setups.....
Gloss black - super tourer Lachlans
The plan was for them and there family's to do a Simpson desert trip together a few months ago and well ......that is what they did.

When they got home I received a phone call stating the trip was a blast and the all loved it very much, but I know this call was not just to tell me the good parts......... mark made a comment " can you re-vin my camper"
uuuummmm what and why was my reply
Mark then said I rolled my camper...... but it's ok mate nothing wrong with it...... let me tell you a story.

Rob We recently embarked on a road trip as you know with our new Lachlan. 6,000k's that included crossing the Simpson. As we headed into Mt Dare they received 40mm of rain, turning the road to mud and mush.
Not ideal conditions but a little bit of fun at the same time, after being a little ambitious
(hold my beer Dave)😂 we managed to roll our Lachlan camper coming down a muddy hill.
Luckily it rolled 360% and landed back on its wheels.
After a walk around and inspecting the surprisingly little damage, we untangled the chains and plugs and kept going enjoying the rest of the trip with a surprised 😳 look on our face and a little more caution in the back of our minds 😂
All went well from there and we Finished the trip across the Simpson and back home safely.

some might say why re-vin it?
Well the insurance company said if it rolled, its a ride off ......no ifs or butts about it.
Even know the camper is in great shape if it rolls its over......something to keep in your mind if it happens to you.

But goes to show you a bluewater camper is one hard nut to crack.

PS: please be safe on the roads and I don't promote rolling your camper 😂😂😂😜
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