Can I take my Camper as off road, to places like Cape York?

Yes, our campers are designed for off road use and are more than capable for this terrain.

Where are the trailers made?

We import the chassis and tub, and then fit out the campers with Australian content, like Australian made canvas tent, Australian suspension and componentry throughout.

What’s the difference between your campers and the full Chinese made imported campers?

There are significant differences. We’re not just resellers. We do extensive design, research and development, and source a range of Australian components to make sure our campers have the quality and reliability for Australian conditions.

What’s the difference between the Murray and Darling?

These are similar campers, with the main difference being the Murray has additional storage and some other upgraded features. You can view a comparison of our campers here.

How long have you been manufacturing camper trailers for?

We have been manufacturing campers for six years.

Can I match hubs to my vehicle?

Yes you can, but it will depend on your vehicle model.  Contact us to chat about your options.

What’s the warranty on your trailers?

All our campers come with 5 year canvas warranty, 5 year structural warranty, 5 year coil spring warranty, 3 year or 60,000klm on shockers and 12 months on other components.