Eagle Wing (E-Wing)

Bluewater Campers prides itself on the continuation of industry leading innovation. That is why the launch of the brand new Eagle Wing (E-Wing) has everyone talking!

The E-Wing was in development for some time, refinement after refinement meant that the launched product had been thoroughly researched and considered. With its easy zip on and off functionality and set up with easy adjustability it is no wonder this 180 degree awning option is already popular.

The quick setup Eagle Wing (E-Wing) front awning and rear awning gives easy setup shade on both sides of camper with only four (4) poles required and four (4) more if very windy. This is a reduction of 25 poles. This can all be put up without the use of a step ladder too – no matter your height!

The e-Wing comes with a new curved tent design for the Lachlan MKII and Tasman models. This new curved tent removed spreader poles and used set hoop heights to provide and seamless set up. This curve tent also features the fixed tropical roof, which one set up sits higher off the canvas roof than you would expect.

The innovative winch tensioning of the tent also means that no matter the weather conditions the tent will remain taut and give the best possible camping experience. There is also an option to purchase a full annex for our Easy Tourer models should you want the flexibility of both set ups.

Whether it is a quick overnight stay, or a longer stay in the bush we know the Eagle Wing will be a much wanted and valued addition to your camper trailer!

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