It is important to find a camper trailer with a suitable layout and enough storage to suit your next adventure.

  • Bedding: Are the beds in the right configuration? Do they fold out easily? Are they comfortable? If the bed is raised, does it require a ladder to get to?
  • Interior Storage: How much storage is there? If you are taking particularly large items with you on your next trip, is there room for them? Do the storage compartments lock or are they open?
  • Interior Electricals: Does it come with lighting? is there enough power sockets?
  • Interior Trim: If there is a couch, is it comfortable? Is the interior well Setout? Does everything look like its well-built?
  • Canvas: What type of canvas is it? What is the brand name of the canvas? Is it waterproof? What type of zip is used? Does it have a high roof for heat expansion? Does the roof have good pitch/fall? (This may lead to water pooling in the middle if it doesn’t) and does it have large windows for good airflow?
  • Awning: Is the awning easy to set up? Is the awning stable? Does the walls and floors zip on or Velcro on?
  • Kitchen: what material is the kitchen made from? What brand is the stove?  Is there a fold-out side table with the kitchen? Do you get hot water to the sink? Is the gas plumbed or do you need the gas bottle next to you?
  • Water System: How big is the water compacity? Does it come with a hot water service? What water pumps are used and brand? What type of water hoses are used?
  • Bathroom facilities: Does the camper come with a toilet? Does it have a shower room? Does it have a change room?
  • Chassis: what size is the chassis? Is it hot dip galvanized or painted?
  • Suspension, Brakes and Wheels: Is the suspension on road or off road capable? What type of brakes are they and what brand? What brand coil springs and shock absorbers are they? What type of bearings are used and what brand are they? Are the wheels load rated for the weight of that camper?
  • Gas Cylinders How big are the gas bottles and how many are there? Are they securely fastened to the vehicle? It the gas system certified?
  • Batteries: How many batteries are on the system? How big are they? How can they be charged? Are they compatible with solar power? What brand are they?
  • Stone Guard: Does the camper come with one? Does it adequately protect the front of the camper? Does it protect the gas bottles?
  • Exterior Storage: How much storage do you get? How big is the front ‘toolbox’? Is space used efficiently for storage? Are the compartments secure and feature airtight seals? Do the draws feel solid and operate smoothly?
  • Set Up and Pack Down: How easy is it to set up the camper trailer? If inspecting a hard floor trailer, are you physically capable of raising the roof and extending the sides? If inspecting a soft floor trailer, how long does it take to set up? Is it complicated and does the winch work smoothly to fold it out?
  • Tow Hitch: Does it come with a standard 50mm tow ball or does it feature an articulating hitch? Does it have a good jockey wheel?
  • Aesthetics: Do you like the paint job? What options do the exterior colours and decals come in? Do particular finishes cost more?
  • Build Quality: Are you confident in the quality of this camper trailer? Are there any obvious design flaws that may lead to issues down the track? Are the seals, zips, velcro and stitching strong? Does the manufacturer use well-known branded or warranted products in its design?
  • Manufacturer: Are you able to view the factory where it is built? Are you confident in the process they use to build it? Are you buying from a trusted manufacturer? Have you looked online for any previous reviews about the model you are looking to buy and the brand? Is the camper trailer built for Australian conditions?
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