Towing Tips For Camper Trailer

A camper has a lot of decisions to make while on the go. One of them is the choice between a camper trailer or a motor home. Although, most people would go with a camper trailer because not only is it cheap and affordable, but also camper trailers allow you a lot of conveniences. After all, these trailers don’t have to dedicate any space for installing a driver’s seat, hence most designers use this space to build luxurious and functional features.

Below, we have for you some simple camper trailer towing tips that will help you enjoy your camping trip stress-free.

Understanding the basics and following some handy tips will give you an idea of how to start. Note down the weight and learn about weight distribution before purchasing your camper trailer. Carefully read the manual and product specific trailer safety tips.

Once you get an idea of how much your fully loaded trailer weighs, try to distribute the heaviness of the load on key positions within the camper trailer.  Make sure about 60% of your weight is loaded on the front end to help it run smoothly on roads. If the weight is concentrated on the back end, the trailer may dog-wag and you run into the risk of getting whipped off the road.

Make sure you get yourself a towing vehicle with adequate towing capacity. Surprisingly, several seemingly capable vehicles have very low towing capacity. Read through your vehicles towing capacity and compare it with your fully loaded trailer. Try packing light to lessen the weight of the trailer.

Take it nice and slow while towing. The faster you move, the riskier it gets, counting losing control of the rig or not making it stop in time.

Do not slam the brakes either. Take your time to halt.

Follow these above tips and we make sure you will enjoy your camping trip without any worries!

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