Camping Meals that Satisfy the Kids

Camping is a great way to teach basic life skills to your children and cooking is a great place to start.  You can demonstrate how to cook with minimal resources, how to stay safe around a fire and even show them where their food comes from.

Campfire Chilli Cheese Fries

This is the perfect dinner for the two or more, and sure to be a winner with everyone in your camp and the next!

Damper with a twist

Another iconic camping recipe made with a twist, sure to be a winner no matter what time of day.

Flamin’ Toasties

This is the simplest and most flexible camping recipe for the whole family and is sure to suit everyone’s taste buds!

All Grillin’ Burgers

This All Grillin’ Burger recipe is sure to be a winner with the whole family while camping.

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