The Best All Grillin’ Burgers

This recipe is the simplest way to get great tasting burgers while camping! Whether you are in a caravan park in your Bluewater Camper Trailer or camping out in some of the remote Australian outback, these burgers will be a hit with the whole family and won’t take too long to make!



1 Tomato

½ head romaine lettuce (small lettuce heart of any kind or can be replaced with lettuce leaves slightly charred)

1 Red Onion

500g of beef mince

4 Cheese sliced

4 hamburger buns

Olive Oil


Mayonnaise, Tomato or BBQ Sauce (or any other sauce of your choosing)



Preheat the BBQ to a medium heat.

Slice the tomato and onion about 1.5cm thick.

Brush the tomatoes, onion and cut site of the lettuce with oil and lightly salt.

Using your hands form 4 burger patties and then season with salt. (you can add breadcrumbs, egg etc if preferred)

Put burger patties on the BBQ, cooking for 5 minutes, then flipping them and adding a cheese slice, continue to cook the other side for 2-3 minutes.

Then put the tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and buns on the BBQ. Flip when desired until they are all soft and slightly charred/toasted.

Assemble the burgers but layering lettuce, burger patty, tomato, and onion on the bun.

Top with your choice of sauce/s


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