Bluewater Camper Trailers and its associated companies have been manufacturing quality canvas and outdoor products since 1975.

From humble beginnings in country Victoria, we have grown into an international business with sales all over the world and employing over 150 staff.  Together, we have a combined 50 years experience in the canvas, outdoor product and camper trailer industry, producing quality canvas products to suit a variety of uses.  We are proudly Australian owned, with a passion for the great outdoors.

Bluewater Camper Trailers
Bluewater Macquarie takes second place at 2018 Camper Trailer of the Year!

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure we produce quality camper trailer at affordable prices and give people the most pleasant camping experience.  We believe that every Australian family should experience and enjoy the outdoors with a safe and reliable camper trailer. You can't do better than our Bluewater Campers.

Australia is a beautiful country and we are very fortunate with all it offers. Everyone needs to be given the opportunity to relax and refresh in the great outdoors and experience some of our country's amazing wonders. Owning a Bluewater camper trailers not only makes that possible, but also makes it very enjoyable.

Some of our brands are...

Eagle Outdoors

Eagle Outdoors manufactures products for companies throughout Australia, Europe and the USA.You wont find a town anywhere in Australia with an outdoor shop that doesn’t have one of our products in it for sale. From Canvas swags and Bags to outdoor clothing and Camping Equipment, we are a diverse company catering to the outdoor and leisure industry of Australia.

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Panorama SwagsPanorama Swags

We are expert manufacturers of Australian Made swags and bags, you may have heard of Panorama swags, which we proudly manufacture using quality Australian made canvas and only the best raw materials.

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Didgeridoonas AustraliaDidgeridoonas

Didgeridoonas is another branch of our business, which produces premium quality Australian Clothing and giftware made from oilskin and other outdoor fabrics.
You will find these products in Australian gift stores all over the world, as well as throughout Australia.

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We often package deal Didgeridoonas products with our camper trailers, so don’t forget to ask us for more details on the range when purchasing your camper!

Weatherall Protective WearWeatherall Garments

Weatherall Garments is our Safety Wear brand, producing high quality premium wet weather, winter and outdoor clothing for a variety of Industries.  Our speciality is Fire Retardant Arc rated jackets and pants, catering to energy
companies all over Australia.

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Cover-it ManufacturingCover-It Manufacturing

Cover-it have been making protective covers since 1992, supplying the trade and retail shops around Australia. Our first product was winter covers for evaporative air conditioners. Since then have expanded into BBQ’s, outdoor furniture, Umbrella’s, heating, pool tables and a lot more.

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