Perfectly Sweets Classic Smores

This is the most iconic camping snack for the whole family! Whether you are in a caravan park in your Bluewater Camper Trailer or camping out in some of the remote Australian outback, this is sure to be a winner with the whole family and gets everyone involved!

Make sure you have long metal skewers or clean long sticks for toasting!



Your Choice of Biscuits (we recommend milk coffee, Nice, Marie, Granita, Butternut Snap Cookie, Milk Arrowroot, Malt’O’Milk, Choc Ripple OR Digestives)

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Block

Large Marshmallows



Either break your biscuit in half or grab two biscuits (one for the top and one of the bottom)

Cover one half (or one biscuit) with chocolate squares

Put a marshmallow on a skewer or stick and hold it over the fire until it starts to turn golden brown.

Place the marshmallow (while still on the skewer or stick) on the chocolate topped biscuit

Put the other half or biscuit on top of the marshmallow and firmly hold it like a sandwich and pull off the skewer or stick.

Eat immediately or wrap in foil and keep warm next to the fire while you make the rest.


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